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Sufism and Islam - Radio 1 Inteview

Question: They say Sufism and Islam belong together. But Sufis are being persecuted in Arabic countries. Why is this so? Sheikh Esref Efendi: To be a Muslim means to be a servant in surrender to God. How does a servant have to be or how does he have do perform his servanthood? The answer is he has ...

About the Quran: Seek those who live it!

Dear Sister, you are asking: Is it alright to read the Quran in a language one understands, i.e. a translation of the Quran, and how much of the inherent truth of the Quran gets lost by doing so? Does it matter? Bismillahirrahmanirrahim The Quran is regarded as a great miracle in the Islamic world ...

The Secret of Happiness

May Allah make us talk about that which is true and that which is right, for he who speaks untruths makes himself and his environment unhappy. There is no happiness to be found in falsehood. Man was created for happiness. Allah did not create humans to be unhappy. No! If that was the case he would ...

Between Hope and Fear

This is a message for everybody, whether Jewish, Christian or muslim. Every dot in the Quran has a meaning as great as oceans. In the Quran Allah said ‹oh ye believers›, he did not say ‹oh you Muslims, Christians, Jews...›. He spoke to all of humanity. These are messages for all people. In ...

Of war and peace in this world

Life represents knowledge which originates from the highest source, it bears wisdom of heavenly origin. We believe that even the ancient Greeks such as Plato and Aristotle recognized this hence they spoke about the cosmos as being divided into the microcosm and the macrocosm. We are talking about a ...

I am He - He is me

You say: »Oh Lord! I am you and you are me!« Really? You think that you have already tasted a lot of honey in your life. May be so. You can taste it. You are allowed to do so. Though, first of all you should try everything with the tongue, like a wine connoisseur, so that you can categorize ...

Wonders and Science

In the name of the Creator. Selam Aleykum, dear Sister. Your dream was HAKK. Religion is belief! It can never be known or reached without belief in the unseen and wonder-ful. Science can never really explain, comprehend or even grasp that which is wonder-ful. Never! Science is bound by and shackled ...