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Neueröffnung Mevlana Sufi-Zentrum Köln 23.10.2014
Amentu Billahi - Dhikr with Sheikh Eşref Efendi
Neueröffnung Mevlana Sufi-Zentrum Köln 23.10.2014
es-Selam - Dhikr, Sheikh Eşref Efendi - Amener Resulu,Hoja Efendi - Beyat
Neueröffnung Mevlana Sufi-Zentrum Köln 22.10.2014
Allah Hu - Dhikr with Sheikh Eşref Efendi
Neueröffnung Mevlana Sufi-Zentrum Köln 22.10.2014
Nur Mohammed - Dhikr with Sheikh Eşref Efendi
Neueröffnung des Mevlana Sufi-Zentrum Köln 22.10.2014
Keine Göttliche Liebe ohne Vergebung
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Sohbets by Shaykh Eşref Efendi


The Biggest Problem of Humanity

Selam aleykum We are here to learn and to listen. To listen closely. In order to learn you need to listen first. We want to start with the words of the prophet (pbuh): “Oh Lord, do not leave us alone with our ego for even a moment. Give ...

download .pdf 29.09.2014

The Value of Words

Sometimes we have to say something that seems to have no meaning at all, but it actually does. Singing: “dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom" - it is the song of the angels Our sense of balance is in our ears, right. And ...

download.pdf 19.09.2014

The Great Claim

Welcome to me and happy birthday to you. We are thankful to the Lord and say. “Thanks to the Lord.” - Because HE is the one that sends us the spiritual pole to support us, and to guide us. How can a machine work without electricity? ...

download .pdf 20.08.2014

Statement Call to awareness

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, in the name of the Lord, most Gracious, most Compassionate This is a call to all persons involved and those affected, which means: to all of us. We all are involved in and affected by what happens in our world. ...

download .pdf 22.07.2014

What Is Tradition?

SEE asked a guest how old he was but the guest didn’t want to answer. SEE replied that it is tradition here to ask for the age. So the guest asked what tradition is. What is tradition? - The good a nation has acquired. People who walk ...

download .pdf 08.07.2014

Unbelievable Happy

There could be no better recitation than this. MashaAllah. You did your homework. If we asked Shaykh Eşref Efendi, we would dance and sing all night long. The people are already filled with words, he sais. Let's dance and sing. May Allah ...

download .pdf 23.05.2014

Statement and Invitation to the spiritual pledge

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim – Eslim Teslem In the name of the Most Merciful the most clement Lord and in devotion to God. Every living being will, without a doubt, taste the flavour of death, when it’s time has come Whoever enters this ...

download .pdf 12.05.2014

Beauty Is A Secret

21st century humans are all concerned about one thing: The materialistic world. Today's humanity is only concerned about the following: What can I eat next, what can I drink, where can I do my next holiday? And today's youth, they know it ...

download .pdf 27.02.2014

Intelligence and Reason

Only one sultan, only one truth. There is only one and nothing else. Where were you yesterday? Yesterday you were at home. Where are you now? O you people with reason. Animals do not have reason. You were there and here yesterday and ...

download .pdf 25.02.2014

Good Deeds

Guest: Are followers of one religion better than followers of another? SEE: The differences lies in decency. Imagine you had two children. One child is nice and gentle and the other does not obey and disturbs the whole time. How do you ...

download als .pdf 14.11.2013

Circle of Destiny

The guest's husband is religious and she would like to understand his religion. That's why she is here. And as she also thinks you have to do something additional to being patient. Patience means to wait for the right time. To show ...

download als .pdf 13.11.2013

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Pay Attention

These are our guests from the States. They came here a year ago. As they were our first guests from the States we have invited them again. And a year ago I asked these ladies to pray for me. And now they say: “We have prayed for you every night.” - so I asked them to pray for me another year. ...



Good Measure

Selam aleykum. Welcome to me and happy birthday to you. We are asking for the permission and support of the heavens and the masters, so we may send some words to you. May all of our worries and burden be lifted from us, as we carry them around with us for a whole week. What does our material ego ...



You will get Your own Paradies

How can life be made easier? How can life be simpler? My Grandsheikh said: Everyone has a vision of his/her life. Everyone wants to carry his life in his hands. And man thinks he really can self-determine his life. As a result wishes emerge. And you want your wishes to be met. But most of the ...



The Disappointments of Life

The centre of all bad and good things, all pressure and relief, is first the heart and then the tongue. And they both are influenced through the eye and hearing.In the everyday life, whether in the family, at work or among friends, we hear, see or even read things that influence us positively or ...



Our Time is Fading

Allah created this world and furnished it for mankind with everything that was necessary. He did this for Adam (as). He gave him light and created rivers for drinking. Or in other words he gave him electricity and water. “Oh messengers”, Allah said: “Speak to the people in images for that ...




Oh, you people. The Lord is all seeing, all knowing, merciful, loving. Allah is the word that you cannot fight against. No will is strong enough to stand against His. Do not fight against Him and start a war, because you will have lost from the start. Say, I want peace. You need a pipe of ...



The Levels of Divine Love

We begin with the name of the Lord. We say Bismillahi r-rahmani r-ahim. What does it mean? Bismillahi r-rahmani r-ahim is like the vast sea and there is so much in it. What is hidden inside of it? Nothing but love. ”In the name of the Lord” says it all. We shall start every deed with ...


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